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FAB-UFO becomes SHADO@egroups.com

Marc Martin-2
Hi All,

Well, it's beginning to look like [hidden email] is going to
become the new permanent home of FAB-UFO. In case you're still
using FAB-UFO and don't know anything about [hidden email],
here's a link:


Please note that you if you'd like to set your eGroups account to
not receive mail, or switch to digest mode, you can do this via
the "My eGroups" feature:


I see that even in our short time on eGroups, we've already
gotten some interesting new members. Welcome to Jim Main, who
started the SHADO-USECC UFO fan club way back in 1979. And I see
we also have a Fanderson staff member subscribed, but I won't
mention any names in case it's a secret... :-)

So my recommendation is to start posting only on [hidden email],
and I will deactivate FAB-UFO, update all references to FAB-UFO
on my website, and figure out what to do with the 5 years of
discussion archives. It will be a hassle, but I think in the
long run it's a good move... unless of course they got bought out
by someone else or go out of business... :-)

And I guess I should send eGroups a check to get rid of those
annoying advertisements...

Marc Martin, [hidden email]