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Marc Martin-2
Hi All,

Please note that eGroups has a number of features that we haven't
had on FAB-UFO. Besides being able to change your mail delivery
options via a web page, you can also upload files (we've got
20 MB of free space right now!), create your own chats, do your
own polls, etc. I'm not too familiar with these features myself,
but I've configured them so that any member can use create/use

Also note that file attachments are not allowed in e-mails sent
to [hidden email]. The proper method is to upload your file
into the "Files" area, and then send an e-mail to the group
telling us about it & where it is. This is different from our
old method, which was to mail things to me, and I uploaded them
to a temporary directory on my UFO website. The "Files" area
should be considered temporary storage, and I will delete files
if/when we hit the 20 MB limit.

All of the features I've mentioned are available on the left
margin of the [hidden email] web page:


If anyone anticipates any problems with the above policies,
please let me know!

Marc Martin, [hidden email]