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Marc Martin-2
Here is a message from Christian Jenisch, who is currently unable to
send mail to eGroups (?):

Hi All!

Well I was on holiday the last two weeks and it looks like there was
a lot of e-mail traffic meanwhile, so I will read it all at this
weekend before I join the group again. :-)

In the meantime I found something of interest for some of you (It is
mainly of interest for the german readers):

The german mag "TV Highlights" issue 16/2000 announced the following:
UFO will be broadcast on (german) "tm3", starting with the first
episode "Der erste Alarm" (= Identified) on Tuesday 8.8.2000, 22.45 h
- 23.45 h (of course this includes advertisments). It will be
repeated the same night at 3.15 h to 4.10 h (with a little less ads).
As far as I know "tm3" has no VPS.

So far so good!
Be seeing you!