Interview (Sorta) with UFO Modelmaker

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Interview (Sorta) with UFO Modelmaker

Marc Martin-2
Hi All,

Johnny Goode sent me the following interesting e-mail...


Hi Marc,
some months ago I spoke to a Mr. David Tremont who runs the
Model/effects studios for Warner in Australia. One of the men working
there under Mr. Tremont (Eric Backman) is a Meddings' model-maker,
who built Fireball Xl-5 vehicles, T-Birds, and most importantly for
UFO. I sent a series of questions that Mr. Tremont said he'd see if
Mr. Backman would care to comment on, and after several months this
is the response I got--(please note I don't have the original
questions anymore, so some of this is unexplained, I've injected my
notes into the text in ( ) to help. It might be of interest to
someone if you want to share it with the list.

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reproduction UFO and SHADO kit

anthonyappleyard <>
Marc Martin <[hidden email]> wrote that Johnny Goode had sent him
this e-mail:-
> ... Most of the [UFO series film prop] models were destroyed, at the time
> nobody wanted them and they could not store them. ...

This is bad news, although I was told something of the sort before. As regards
trying to replace what is lost:-

(0) Straker's car:
(a) What is the latest news on the (i) physical, (ii) legal, possibility of
getting hold of it and restoring it?
(b) There was a thread recently about someone making a replica of it. What
came of that?

(1) Foster's car: similarly ditto?

(2) Models of Mobiles, Interceptors, UFO's, etc; many modelmakers seem to have
done this job already, both physically and as computer mesh files.

(3) What chance of someone with good access to a workshop making a prop alien
spacesuit and helmet and rifle? Preferably with (prop) life-support backpack.
Perhaps the backpack could contain a real oxygen or air cylinder to help to
ventilate the helmet. Someone going to a UFO or Anderson fan meeting in it
would be a real right wow. And it would get good use in any revised version of
the fan fiction video "UFO-1999".

(4) Ditto a SHADO astronaut spacesuit, although that would likely be more

(5 etseq) Etc, etc, etc, whatever is sensible and practicable.


PS. What is the latest news on chances of letting us buy the fan fiction video
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13 July 2000
(Italy h 21.05)
on TMC2 (TeleMontecarlo2)

"Finalmente Identificato". ("Identified").

Angelo Finamore, [hidden email]