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Lt Ford Movie Sighting

Tiger Fly
Hey all,

I'm sending this to both sites in hopes one will get
through. I've been away from the puter lately while
Yuchtar and I went to a sci-fi convention in Houston
Texas to meet Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi.
What happened to the FAB UFO LIST? 8-O

Its late here in Dallas right now and I'm watching a
movie on the Turner Classic Movies channel called
"Submarine X-1" Its a color movie and our UFO
Lt. Ford is playing a crewman on an experimental
midget sub on a mission to sink a Battleship. It was
filmed in England and stars James Cann. Also has
Nickl Tate from 1999. Anyone else see the movie?

It also predates the UFO series as it was made in 1968.
Hope the list gets back to normal soon.

David ( aka Tiger )