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Main Mission 2000 Auction

Phil Merkel

I'm going to Main Mission 2000 September 1 - 3!

>Please send full information about that show.

Follow this link for the convention we've been talking about.

Also I have been drafted/volunteered : -) to work on the auction for the
convention in NYC. We just put up an Auction FAQ at the MM 2000 website and
if anyone on this list is interested the link is here:

We're looking for people to donate items, the convention charities include
AIDS research and The Parkinson's Disease foundation.

We've also just started discussing Proxy bidding for those of you who can't
make it to the convention. I know this is off topic of UFO (But there will
be UFO items in the auction, I'm sure!) so please email questions to me off
list [hidden email]