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Marc Outta Town Friday - Monday

Marc Martin-2
Hi All,

Just a note to let you all know that I will be out of town from Friday
through Monday (attending a wedding!), and I will not be accessing
my e-mail. So if you have any questions, problems, contributions,
etc. during this time, you won't get an immediate reply from me.

BTW, I still have heard *nothing* about what happened to FAB-UFO,
nor do I have any indication if it will be fixed or moved elsewhere.
Last I heard from Chuck Foster (the guy who kept the LISTPROC
running), he had left his job at PIPEX, and was hoping to move
all of the PIPEX mailing lists to a new server.

And for you fans of my "Barry Gray Music of the Week" page, hopefully
I'll be able to upload next week's music just before I leave for
the airport on Friday -- a day early!

Marc Martin, [hidden email]