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Marc Martin-2
Nick writes:
>The clarity from the master recordings is stunning, although this is
>sadly lost on some people. You may remember people on the Space:1999
>list moaning that the Year Two CD didn't sound the same as when on TV.
>Of course it doesn't!! It's clean, it's in stereo, it's not compressed
>to buggery and coming out of a 2 inch speaker!!

Unfortunately, I was one of those moaners... :-(

On the whole I found both of the Fanderson Space:1999 soundtracks
spectacular, however, there were a few isolated moments where I felt
that the levels of a particular instrument were higher or lower than
heard in the original mix, and therefore they were not as "authentic"
as they could have been. I was rather surprised to find myself being
more of a purist than Fanderson! However, this is just a minor
quibble, as 99% of this music sounds "just right", and the quality
is, as you say, stunning. I probably should have just left my comments
to myself, as I certainly had no desire to upset anyone involved in
the production of these CDs... my apologies!

It is my understanding that if a Fanderson "UFO" soundtrack is ever
released, the music will also be digitally remastered in
stereo & have stunning sound quality, as many of the original
multi-track studio tapes still exist in the vaults. Unfortunately,
it's not clear to me how many of these tapes still exist, as I've
heard that the studio tapes from THE LONG SLEEP are missing... :-(

Marc Martin, [hidden email]