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Marc Martin-2
>Off Topic: Another one bites the dust: The Space 1999 lists are moving
>to Egroups too, not because their server went down, because the
>moderators are moving on and the Egroups interface is easier to deal
>with (At least it is to me!).
>Looks like the UFO list is the trailblazer!

I wouldn't say "trailblazer", as "[hidden email]" has been
around for quite a while. Also, the following Gerry Anderson
groups were already on eGroups:

Fireball (model making)
Moonbase99 (italian)

However, SHADO is certainly the larget of these groups, with 85
members! FAB-UFO had 165 members, although I wasn't sure how
many of these were invalid addresses. This is why I didn't
automatically transfer people to SHADO -- it's time to see how
many people *really* are subscribed to this list!

Marc Martin, [hidden email]
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