Real life stand-off between Sky-1 and a UFO

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Real life stand-off between Sky-1 and a UFO

Hi there

This is my first post on this forum.  It is great to see this criminally underrated series is still getting the appreciation it greatly deserves.  Although I was a fan of this series as a young kid when I first saw it as a repeat in the late 80's I personally never actually believed in the actual UFO phenomena.  I had always believed that it was either a natural phenomenon or a delusion of the witness etc.  However I changed my mind about UFOs when I saw the 2004 video footage that was declassified by the US Department of Defense which showed US naval aircraft encountering UFOs that were defying gravity (ie: no jet-engines, no propulsion). There were three videos of UFO encounters. Two of the videos were from the 2004 incident which are dubbed the 'tic-tac' videos refering to the shape of the UFO (the 3rd video is from 2006 and is known as the 'Gimbal' video as it is about a different UFO encounter with a UFO that is gimbal shaped).

The whole 2004 incident reminded me of the UFO series with the dogfights between Sky-1 and the UFO. It rekindled my interest in the UFO series and led me to the dusting off my DVD boxsets of the series (that I had purchased over 10 years ago but never fully watched) and I started re-watching the series. I am still viewing the first few episodes but without a doubt it is one of the best Sci-Fi series (and the best Anderson show imho).  

But getting back to the 2004 incident between the US navy and the UFO I have discovered that there have been documentaries post on Youtube detailing the entire event. Apparently the US Nimitz carrier group were tracking UFOs for a period of 2 weeks before launching 2 separate squadrons to intercept the UFOs.

The following is an animated breakdown of the incident on YouTube :
'Actual Video Of US Military Intercepting UFO's' -

The following is a breakdown of the same incident in a more standard documentary format
(which also contains the 1st 'tic-tac' video) :
'USS Nimitz UFO incident' -

The following is an interview on FOX news with the pilot David Fravor from the 2004 UFO incident :
(Note: The interview contains footage of the 'Gimbal' UFO from 2006 and not the actual 2004 incident in question) :
'Navy pilot recalls 'out of this world' encounter' -

Lastly the following contains all 3 UFO videos (Note: the 2nd & the 3rd videos are from the 2004 incident) :
' Pentagon releases 'UFO' videos filmed by US Navy pilots' -

It seems that Gerry Anderson's UFO TV series was not too far-fetched after all.

What do you guys think?