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UFO Convention!


A one day event for fans of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s cult series UFO

To be held on SATURDAY 3rd JUNE 2017 at The QUAD cinema Market Place, Derby

Ayshea Brough - Lt Ayshea Johnson
Michael Jayston - Russell Stone (The Sound of Silence)

Plus more guests to be announced... (Guests appear subject to personal/professional commitments)

Tickets will be on sale early 2017
For further information please email: markersuniversal@gmail.com

SHADO CON facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/193639827729342/
LtCdr: UFO fanfiction and other stuff!

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Re: UFO Convention!

Marc Martin
Ahh, an official announcement, great!

It sounds like there may be more guests or displays announced as time goes on.  

The location is probably too far for some of us, especially if it's just a one-day event.  Although I suppose if this guest list gets more & more impressive, we'lll have to see about that.  Although I realize that there aren't many guests to choose from these days.